Supporting Disabled Communities in Overcoming the Barriers Caused by Covid-19


From January 11, Mobile Outreach Teams will resume operations in Adjara, Guria and Samegrelo regions. MOTs will offer accessible transportation service for PWDs to visit clinics for planned social and outpatient services (Ex.: dialysis treatment); access the basic products; get home visits of Mobility Assistant(MA), nurse, Occupational Therapist(OT) or Physical Therapist(PT) to help in mobility, pressure-sore care, increasing functionality and performing essential daily activities while staying in the lockdown for longer periods.

Considering the diverse basic needs of the persons with disabilities in isolation, the individual approach, accessible transportation service and home visits of professionals who have experience and knowledge on disability can be one of the most needed, effective and in some cases even vital support for the disabled communities to overcome the barriers caused by Covid19 crisis. 

The project is implemented by the Coalition for Independent Living with the support of People in Need Georgia (PIN) and EU funding.



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