prime1.jpgMovement for Accessible Environment conducted its first press-conference today in the Prime Time Press Club. The movement was established by free persons who decided to address accessibility problems on their own, with their own efforts, independently from others - the problems which persons with disabilities are facing everyday – independent mobility, unemployment, self-realization, communication, access to information and education.

Leaders of the Movement – Goga Kokhreidze, Rati Ionatamishvili and Giorgi Akhmeteli answered questions of attending journalists and showed them the photos clearly demonstrating the poor physical accessibility and infrastructural situation in Tbilisi. As revealed by the photo monitoring public buildings such as banks, pharmacies, recreation centers, shops, restaurants, cinema/theatres and public transportation are barely prime2.jpgaccessible and useful for persons with disabilities.

Members of the movement are not planning to turn the movement into any kind of organization, non-governmental or other, and will try to push for the rule of law on accessibility and equal conditions for everyone independently in the future. 

The first results of the movement are already in place – as stated during the press-conference by the Beeline Company representative, Teona Baghdavadze, all of the Beeline offices will be adapted to provide wheelchair-accessibility.

Please visit our gallery for the results of the photo-monitoring.