Meeting in City Hall – New adapted buses will appear in Tbilisi soon Print E-mail


New buses will appear in Tbilisi soon .According to the project, 100 new buses will be purchased and bus transport services will be improved in Tbilisi from the next year. These environmentally clean, safe and comfortable new buses with ramps for people with disabilities will serve passengers from 2014.


Meeting of deputy mayor, representatives from municipal department of transport, trasport trade union, non governmental organizations working in disability field and city council members was held in Tbilisi city hall. Among the attendees of meeting were Rati Ionatamishvili (coallition for independet living) and Giorgi Kokhreidze (movement for acessialble environment)



"The presentation was very interesting. This is the first State Tender considering our needs. We believe that problem is not disability, but the environment. We don’t have an opportunity to realize our potential and abilities. We continue negotiations with Tbilisi State Hall in order to make accessible environment for all" - said Rati Ionatamishvili