Become a member organization


Article 4




4.1. Coalition has three forms of membership:

a) Full Member;

b) Associated Member;

c) Honorary Member;

4.2. The following are entitled to be Full Member of Coalition:

a) Non-governmental organization of persons with any form of disability (including parent/guardian organization);

b) Any kind of a disability-related service provider organization providing services to PWD. Number of such organizations must not exceed 25% of the overall number of Full Members;

4.3. The following are entitled to be Associated Member of Coalition:

a) Non-governmental organization of people with any form of disability (including parent/guardian organization);

b) Individual with any form of disability (also parent/guardian);

c) Any person without disabilities whose activities are directly or indirectly related to the goals of Coalition;

4.4. Honorary Member of Coalition may become a person who has significantly contributed to and supported the goals of Coalition;

4.5. Candidate wishing to be a member of Coalition must apply to the Board of Coalition filling out the special form. The Board examines the application and if it meets the established membership requirements, the Board presents it to the nearest General Meeting session. Before the final decision regarding the membership is made the candidate has to make a presentation of their activities over the last two years as well as written reference letters issued by two Full Members of Coalition.

4.6. Founders and Members of Coalition have equal status;

4.7. Authority of a Member is terminated when:

a) Based on his/her statement;

b) When failing to pay membership dues for three months;

c) In case of Court announcing them as incapable;

d) In case of decease (private person) or liquidation (legal person);

4.8. The General Meeting is entitled to exclude the Member if his/her activities contradict the goals of Coalition or s/he does not fulfill obligations and breaks the norms of ethic; 


Article 5

Rights and Obligations of Members


5.1. Full Member of Coalition is entitled to:

a) Participate in the work of General Meeting of Coalition;

b) Elect the Board and be elected;

c) Participate in programs of Coalition according to his/her qualification and capacities;

d) Attend the meetings of the Board with the right to vote;

e) Get any kind of information from the Board and personnel of Coalition about the activities of Coalition;

f) Use the information and material-technical means in possession of Coalition according to goals of Coalition and within the range of available possibilities;

g) Wear the logo of Coalition;

5.2. Member of Coalition is obliged to:

a) Obey the Statute of Coalition, Operational Manual and decisions made by the Board;

b) Defend dignity, authority and property of Coalition;

c) Participate in the activities of Coalition in line with his/her capacities and interests;

d) Guide with the goals of Coalition and principles of ethical codex of Georgian public organizations while engaged in professional activities;

e) Pay membership dues in established quantity and according to the established rules;

5.3. Rights and obligations of Associated Member of Coalition:

a) S/he has all the rights and obligations of Full Member except for the right to vote and attend the meetings of the Board;

b) Individuals with disabilities (also parent/guardian) have the right to be elected in the Board of Coalition after presenting information about their activities over the last three years;