This Law sets forth the legal grounds for ensuring traffic regulation and traffic safety in the territory of Georgia, basic areas of state policy in the field of traffic safety, the rights and obligations of state authorities, traffic rules and conditions, traffic signs and road markings, the rights and obligations of road users, and general requirements for granting driving licences and for the registration of vehicles.      


This Law regulates relations connected with preparation and conduct of elections of the President of Georgia, the Parliament of Georgia, a municipality representative body Sakrebulo, a municipality executive body

On Medical and Social Examination

This Law determines legal, economic and organisational grounds for medical and social examination. The purpose of this Law is to ensure health care for the citizens of Georgia and stateless persons, to determine disability status and to prevent its causes, and to provide proper conditions for the rehabilitation and social integration of that category of persons.    

Law of Georgia on Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities

This Law serves as the basis for the state policy towards persons with disabilities and is intended to ensure equal enjoyment of rights by persons with disabilities, as well as to create favourable conditions for these persons to lead full lives and participate in the economic and political activities of the society. Law of Georgia No 959 of 16 October 1997 - The Gazette of the Parliament of Georgia No 44, 11.11.1997, p. 68 Law of Georgia No 972 of 20 June 2001 - LHG I, No 22, 6.7.2001, Art. 81