In Kvareli, Akhmeta, and Gurjaani, meetings with persons with disabilities and their family members were held


On May 23-24, in Kvareli, Akhmeta and Gurjaani, thematic meetings were held with persons with disabilities and their family members in order to identify the challenges faced by persons with disabilities.


The chairperson of the coalition, Giorgi Dzneladze, introduced the project "Civil Society’s Coordinated Advocacy for Implementing Disability Rights Commitments in Georgia" to the participants of the meeting and explained the purpose of the meeting.


As a result of the discussion, the participants of the meeting highlighted the existing barriers in the municipalities, which prevent the involvement of persons with disabilities and participation in public life.


"Changes for Equal Rights" and "Coalition for Independent Living" organizations have been jointly implementing the EU-funded joint project "Coordinated Civil Society Advocacy for the Implementation of Obligations to Protect the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Georgia" since January 27.


Within the framework of the project, periodic thematic meetings of organizations working on disability issues will be held at the municipal and regional levels to identify gaps in local policy documents and plan joint events to advocate for change.


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